3 Best Content Aggregator Websites to Check

Content aggregator websites are sites that gather information from different websites on the net and sum them into one easy-to-locate place. The content gathered becomes useful to online researchers, readers, and writers. These websites provide a wide variety of valuable data; all gathered together; making it easier for online content finders to scheme through. Some of these websites focus on delivering content that is related to specific topics. Still, others provide vast varieties of topics, all in one location. Content aggregators also refer to feed readers. The websites use their RSS feeds to collect information that feeds readers. Such websites assure you of relevant data that you can either post on your site or share it with others through different channels.

Some of the best content aggregator websites that provide credible information include:

1. WP News Desk

It is a content aggregator website that centres on extracting information from WordPress. It takes out content automatically from various WordPress blogs and sites, then presents posts on the frontal pages. Instead of visiting every individual blog, website visitors need to only click on each article. With this, they can access every article in their full form, and from their sources. Usually, bloggers can present personal WordPress blogs for consideration of the inclusion in the news desk.

Also, WP News Desk uses the WP super cache which contains a user-friendly interface that users find it straightforward to configure. It is free, easy-to-maintain, and has a scheduler that clears cached pages which users designate. The cache gives users alternatives to export custom-made settings to other personal sites. You can also reach out to the website’s dependable support team through their online platforms.

2. Pocket

Pocket is a user-friendly content aggregator site. It allows you to discover the most trending content over the internet. Interestingly, it also enables you to create your portfolio. You can now save every reading material that you like; which you can easily access it over time. The website offers user options to rearrange and present content in different color schemes and formats. Users can, therefore, access information in their favorite manner.

Pocket presents a variety of content, ranging from; articles, stories, and videos from various publications. It also features different content groups such as; health, finance, technology, relationships, the trending, the must-reads, and many others. All these categories make browsing quicker, and accessing the content of choice becomes easier.

3. News360

News360 is one famous content aggregator sites on the internet. It focuses on news collection and enables you to discover a variety of world news stories. When you sign up to the site, you can select topics of personal interest; which in return, provides you with the most recent content on the specific topic. It gives you up-to-date news stream that you can customize further by adding or omitting sources or subjects.

With News360, you can receive the most significant news content channeling from 100,000 plus reliable internet sources. You can access the content site from your iOS, web browser, or android devices.

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